The whipper snapper loves to get all creamy – and the stickiness should never spoil the fun!! The best dispensers for the cream are a one handed operation


So how best to use the cream whipper and the camera at the same time? Some people have suggested that it would be easiest to use a tiny spy camera and attach it to your foot such as here - http://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/spy-cameras/body-worn.html although maybe that is goind to far even for an avid fan of the cream whipper!! The more traditional method is to hide the camera behind a newspaper Рbut even that is redundant now that even an amateur whipper snapper will almost certainly own their very own smart phone with an attached camera that could get even the most avid cream whipper snapper into a froth!!

So, how and where to use them – well I’d say the secret is to use a high resolution and then keep it on wide angle – then simply stop thinking too much and let it all hang out – the rest will take care of itself!!


than why not get the whiper snapper out to have a go at this..

simple technology for simple people!!!